Hi! My name is Rob. I’m just another 30-something guy living a life of sustainable hedonism in San Francisco, California. My interests include cooking, eating, rock climbing, hiking, camping, traveling to faraway places, traveling to nearby places, yoga, writing, biking, understanding people, designing, reading, thinking big thoughts, thinking little thoughts, having opinions about wine, having opinions about beer, having opinions about a whole host of other things, kissing pretty girls, and probably some other stuff that’s eluding me right now.

This is not my professional blog. If you’re interested in user experience design and research, you should check out User Eccentric. Feel free to follow me here as well, but be aware that the topics here might be kind of random. It’s really intended for friends who already know me in real life, rather than for friends I haven’t met yet.

And no, I am not a robot.

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